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Unique Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers!

Written By Pratyush Arya

Published On June 10, 2016

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There is always a someone special in everyone's life whose life is totally hinged over tea. Such is the level of love they possess for teas and things associated with teas! It gets rather frustrating when we are to gift them something, and we find ourselves totally baffled and confused because of our limited knowledge in that area.
Although tea lovers are really difficult to shop for, but we at Food Stalking have compiled a comprehensive list of items that every tea lover would totally love.
Read on!

Wine Inspired Teas


A unique and an amazing gift idea for people who love the blend of a wine and their favorite beverage, tea. This blend is amazing and tastes just perfect, and the teas here are crafted so perfectly that they embody the teas they're inspired by. Gift this to a tea lover, and watch them cry out of happiness.

Buy : Wine Inspired Teas

The price of this tea and wine blend will cost you approximately 19$. A perfect gift for tea lovers who crave occasional wine.

A Teapot With Multiple Spouts


The thing with tea lovers is that not only do they love to have tea, they also love to serve it to others, and show off their knowledge of tea, and their tea making skills. And when you have a multiple guests over, it is time taking to pour tea into cups individually, and who knows, the first cup might even get cold by the time you are done pouring in all of the cups.

For that, we have a unique teapot with multiple spouts. Now serve tea to everyone you want within

Buy : Get in touch with any of the teapot making shops and get it customized as per your need, choose your color, size, the number of spouts, and get it made as per your wish.

Teacup Porcelain Necklaces or Rings


Who doesn't love to show off their obsession for tea? And for that, we have the perfect gift item. Cute little tea cup shaped rings and necklaces go well with the personality of an avid tea lover, and they can also show it off, and that too in style!

Specially for people obsessed with tea, as well as jewelry accessories, you cannot find a better gift that these little babies. Grab one of these the next time a special occasion related to the tea lover in your life nears, and watch them smile for hours.

Buy : Teacup Accesories

The price of these tea inspired accessories starts from 14$ and goes upto 40-50$ depending on what you're buying.

A British Afternoon Tea Stand


A three tiered beauty, with the bottom saucer dedicated to finger sandwiches, the middle one dedicated to clotted cream, jam, and scones, and the topmost saucer dedicated to chocolates and mini pastries. This set is as convenient as it looks, and more than that, it is a visual treat and will definitely add to the prized possessions of a tea lover. A beautiful gift for any tea freak you know of!

Buy : British Afternoon Tea Stands

The price range of these beauties varies from $50 to $80.

Assorted Handcrafted Teas


All the tea lovers crave for fresh and handmade teas, and what better way to quiet this craving by giving them a set of freshly prepared assorted handcrafted teas?

A perfect gift if you aren't sure what type of tea they like, and don't want to ask them either because you don't want to spoil the surprise you've planned. Trust us on this, get them a set of assorted handcrafted teas, and they'll thank you for life!

Buy : Assorted Handcrafted Teas

This will cost you around $50-60.

A Chinese Teapot


Though slightly on the higher side of the price bracket, this beautifully crafted teapot makes an amazing gift for an aesthetic tea lover.

Made of porcelain, and covered with detailed illustrations of scenic beauty, or even abstract art, these teapots are sure to beautify your collection of teapots, and how! The designs on these are so intricate and beautiful that they sometimes have a story of their own to tell.

Apart from the designed teapots, there are also antique copper made Chinese teapots that give out nostalgic vibes. They make a perfect gift item for people who like to collect antiques.

Buy : Chinese Teapots

This will cost you around $50-60.

A SmarTea Tea Set


The SmarTea Tea Set is European designed, and will look just great on your tea shelf. This beauty comes with a glass of tea, and has a stainless steel serving hand. What is even better, as you can see in the picture, it has a little candle holder at the bottom so that you can keep your tea hot, and you can serve yourself a hot second cup of tea as soon as you're done with the first cup. How amazing!

Buy : SmarTea Tea Set

This will cost you around 115-120$.

Soma Tea Cup


As you can see from the picture above, this tea cup has a unique design. Apart from being just unique, this is highly convenient as well. This was designed keeping the tea drinker in mind, that is why if you look closely, you will find it has a unique handle which makes it easy to carry without burning your fingers. Also, it has a special groove for the teabag where you can tie it so that you can enjoy your cup of tea without the string of the teabag coming in between. Talk of convenient designs!

Read More about it : Soma Tea Cup

The price of a Soma Tea Cup is likely to vary between $60 to $100.

So the next time you're in Gurugram, and you crave a pint of beer, you know where to head to!

Unique Tea Spoons


A good tea set without some awesome tea spoons is rather dull, we hope you agree to this. And any tea lover would go to any extent in order to display his love and affection for tea, and what better way than having some real fancy tea spoons? 

There are many types of unique tea spoons, having teapots on top of the spoon, having a heart for a handle, and even more ornate ones have roses. Basically the variety offered fits every mood, and therefore makes for a perfect gift!

Buy : Unique Tea Spoons

The price of these eye catching beauties will vary from $4 to $40 depending on the type you're going for.

Chai Tea Kit


An attempt of capturing the essence of walking the streets of India, and and sampling all the trees we  have here. This tea kit has been assembled in such a way so that it presents a lot of variety of teas under one box itself. Now with so many options in hand, any tea lover is sure to like at least some of them, if not all!

A detailed recipe is included for novice tea brewers, or you can create your own signature mix. Experiment a little with the ingredients and find yourself making a unique tasting tea!

Buy : Chai Tea Kit

The price of this amazing collection of exotic teas is around ₹2,600.

With this, we hope you'll find yourself a little less confused when it'll come to buying something for a tea lover!