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7 must carry food items for an amazing road trip

Food Know-how for Perfect Getaway

Written By Pratyush Arya

Published On Nov 18, 2014

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Road trips are something that everyone looks forward to. Whether a weekend outing with your family, or a parting gift to your colleagues, or even just a simple long drive with your loved one. Who doesn't want to be a part of an amazing road trip?

Oh but wait, any road trip can turn out to be rather fatiguing if you're not prepared with the food you're gonna have during the trip; because let's be honest, what do you expect to get from the stores that you pass by on your way? A bag of chips? Soda can? What else?

So, keeping the fun and frolics of a road trip in mind, FoodStalking has compiled a comprehensive list of the items you MUST carry during any trip you take, in order to enjoy your food on the go and thereby enjoying every moment of the road trip to the fullest.

Fruits and Veggies

The first item on our list is for the health conscious people. And frankly, being health conscious on a road trip is a wise thing to do, considering no one wants to get ill and spoil all the fun.

Stock up your travel bag with a lot of fruits, like cherries, oranges, litchis etc. Along with this, you can carry boiled peas, carrots, et al! And it doesn't end here. If you think you might get bored of fruits and veggies on the trip, go ahead and stock up some dried fruits and nuts. Both healthy, as well as tasty.


Road trips, however enjoyable and memorable, can turn out to be very very dehydrating. And it just gets worse if you're not ready to hydrate yourself when and where needed. Carrying drinks, right from mineral water, to juices, to even energy drinks is essential when it comes to road trips. Because you wouldn't want to dehydrate yourself and miss out on all the fun happening on the road.

There are variety of juices available now, tetra packed, from Real, Tropicana, etc. Stock them up and off you go! Also, if you think juices aren't your thing, and you need to get yourself energized, you can carry bottles of coconut water, or various kinds of energy drinks. Whatever be it, just make sure you aren't out without ample amount of hydrating agents.

Instant Noodles

So, enough of healthy foods. What fun is a road trip without some junk food? And what better junk food than a bowl of noodles that you can prepare on the go? With Nissin, Maggi, Wai Wai, and others introducing the cuppa noodles in n number of flavors that only require you to add hot water on the go, and your food is ready within minutes, the lives of travelers has surely rendered easier. So the next time you're on a road trip, don't forget to pack a cup or two of these insanely awesome noodles, and also, pack a thermos filled with hot water.

Hard Boiled Eggs


This one is especially for those of you planning a road trip in the months of winter. Nothing keeps you warmer from inside, and also is healthy, other than eggs, and what is better than good old hard boiled eggs? They are easy and quick to prepare, and very very convenient to carry around. So you won't have to prepare for some extra space in your bags to make sure the hard boiled eggs are safe and sound. Add chopped onions, and green chilly, and chaat masala, and enjoy them on the go.

Cheese and Crackers


This is by far the most convenient snack to carry along on a road trip in terms of both the preparation as well as carrying it along. Cheese slices, or grated cheese, anything goes well when topped over a salty cracker. To improve it all, carry ketchup pouches and sprinkle a few drops of ketchup over the cheese and cracker combo. Enjoy your sweet and salty snack on the go. This one, apart from being highly convenient, is also very cheap as well. Easy on pocket, and yummy as well.


Let us be honest here, there is absolutely no occasion whatsoever where sandwiches feel like an outlier. Whether a simple get together, or a college party, sandwiches have and will continue to find an integral part in all. Then how really can road trips be left behind? A night before your trip, prepare sandwiches, and stock them up in a lunch box.

With the goodness of bread, and the filling of your choice, these make up a worthy companion for any road trip. Ranging from Potato Sandwiches, to Cheese Sandwiches to even Vegetable Sandwiches, prepare whatever you like and tag it along with you.



Perfect for a summer day's road trip, this delicacy will cool you up on the go, thereby refreshing you, and also keeping your stomach full. Filled with goodness of milk, this beauty cannot disappoint you, whether you're a health freak, or you aren't. And the various super amazing flavors like mango, strawberry, guava etc that are now available in the market just improve the yogurt eating experience tenfolds.

You now know what all food items are essential for an amazing road trip. So what are you waiting for? Go, call up a few friends, plan a road trip, and don't forget to carry the items listed above. Enjoy!