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A walk in Hauz Khas Village

Roam & Eat. Eat & Roam.

Written By Pratyush Arya

Published On May 18, 2014

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It won’t be completely wrong to assume that whenever you hear 'Hauz Khas', the first thing that comes to your mind is the 'Hauz Khas Village Fort'. And quite rightly so, for the place is picturesque beyond words, and the scenic beauty it holds is surreal. Oh, but wait, roam around Hauz Khas Village for a couple of hours, and you'll find yourself so hungry, you could eat a horse.

So, we at Food Stalking are making a point to satisfy your hunger, so that your tummy doesn't ruin your wandering plans for the day.

Listed below are five must try restaurants the next time you visit Hauz Khas. And we are not exaggerating on the 'must try' part. Eat in, to believe in!



This place is just perfect to visit with your loved ones. If you're planning a first date in Hauz Khas village and searching for a beautiful place to eat, Imperfecto is just the place you're looking for.

Uniqueness of this place is ambience and location, topped up with mouthwatering food. With decor similar to a nice European lounge, music reverberating Italian Maestros, this place is an transcendence portal to a whole different place and culture.

Their selection of Continental, Italian, and Spanish dishes is impressive; and once the menu is one's hands, mind is engrossed in wholesome amalgamation of variety of food.

A meal for two in Imperfecto costs around ₹2000-2200.

Out of the Box


One of the most lauded restaurants in Delhi NCR, Out of the Box provides a beautiful rooftop dining experience. The Asian, and European dishes they serve will linger in your taste buds forever and will make you want to come for more. Apart from the sumptuous food, they also provide a lounge, a Wi-Fi enabled bar, and hukkah as well.

Out of the Box's particular forte is Pastas and Pizzas.

The cost for such a beautiful ambience with yummy food is around ₹1800-2000, and for a pint of beer, you need to shell out 250-300 bucks more.

Amour, The Patio


Think no more if you're in the vicinity of Hauz Khas and are looking to spend some quality romantic time with someone. Amour, the Patio is exactly the place you're looking for. This place, with its al fresco arrangement, is unanimously accepted as the most romantic place in the whole of Hauz Khas village.

To top all the romance up with food, they provide you a variety of cuisines to choose from. Ranging from Continental, to Mediterranean, European, French, and even sea food. Talking of sea food, they have mouthwatering Crab Cakes which mustn't be left untasted if you're planning a visit. The cost for two in this beautiful place will be around ₹2500-2700.



Raasta hosts a Caribbean lounge with beautiful music, fantastic food, and to top it up, amazing drinks.The Raasta restaurant has a beautiful retro ambience inspired by the Rastafari movement and has an RGB color palette interior.

From Chinese, to Thai, to Mexican, to European, you'll get all the things you've ever wanted to eat right under one roof. The Cuban Lamb Cigars are distinctive to Raasta and Caribbean Chicken Strips they serve are remarkable.

Although on a bit costlier side, but this place is definitely worth a visit, you owe it to Bob Marley! The cost for two people here will be about ₹3000.

The Pink Room


Which prima-facie looks like a girl’s restaurant, is actually a beautiful restaurant with ambience that will win your heart. The food in The Pink Room is delicious to say the least. The waterfalls on the terrace are beautiful

But don't worry, the name is not deceptive. They live up to their name by surrounding you with pink walls, pink interiors, pink menu, and pink chairs. Basically pink everything. Apart from everything else, this restaurant is widely famous for its ladies' nights.

The dishes to be tried here without fail are American chicken wings with barbeque sauce, Thai potato chilly fried, and Kiwi Mojito. The Pink Room costs around 2000 Rs for two people, and another ₹250 for a pint of beer.

So, then, next time you visit Hauz Khas and are tired of walking, and need to refill your tummy, do visit any of the places we just suggested. You won't be disappointed.