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A List Of Wild Animals You Can Eat

Written By Pratyush Arya

Published On Nov 10, 2016

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Take it as "desperate times, desperate measures", or "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going", or as neither of these, but below is a list of wild animals people round the globe eat, and so can you. Read on, to be surprised!


This mammoth animal is not hunted just for its Ivory, but also for its flesh. Thanks to its built, one elephant can provide over 1000 pounds of flesh, resulting in a lot of profit to the hunter from just one kill. The elephant liver is the most relished part of an elephant, and is widely consumed primarily in African nations.


As surprising as it may sound, horse meat is immensely popular in western countries. Some countries have special boucherie chevaline (a horse butcher) that sells nothing but horse meat. Horse meat typically tastes sweeter than other red meats.

The idea is to replace your everyday Chai with green tea instead.


Crocodile or Alligator meat is widely consumed in various cuisines of Southern United States. Due to high protein, and low fat, this meat has good nutritional value. The meat is described as being mild flavored, and firm in texture.


In Victorian times, turtles were a popular delicacy, but because of decreasing number, its popularity has fallen. Still, in parts of Asia and US, turtles are caught and eaten both legally, as well as illegally. Turtle soup is the most relished delicacy.


Deer hunting is a popular sport, and the hunters use the deer meat mostly for consumption. Deer sausages are very famous dish made out of deer. The meat is widely available in the supermarkets of Europe and North America.


Hunting squirrels requires patience and tremendous skill thanks to how stealthy these little creatures are. Squirrels are consumed in a variety of places include the States. Their meat tastes like chicken, but a lot sweeter and greasier.


Next up on this list is something that'll make you queasy. Yep, spiders. In various parts of the world including Cambodia, where you can easily get them on roadsides. Crisp on the outside, and delicate white meat inside, spiders taste like a cross between chicken and cod.


Disclaimer: eating bats won't make you Batman! (Sorry for this)

The fruit bat, or the flying fox, is eaten on the island of Guam, the Pacific Rim, and even in Asian countries. Though researches say that eating bats causes neurological diseases, yet they continue to be relished in the regions mentioned. Fruit Bat Soup is the most popular cuisine made out of bats.

Bush Meat

Bush meat is consumed in West African countries. Although eating this meat has been known to cause the Ebola virus, yet it is relished in a few regions. Bush meat is a general term and can be chimpanzee, gorilla, or monkey. Many villages of the West African region rely on bush meat for their two square meals.


Hippo meat fanatics claim that the taste of this meat is unique, and which is what makes it really good. Although banned in certain places, Hippo meat is considered a delicacy in some parts of the African region. This meat is claimed to be the finest of all the game foods.

Meat can be a real challence while cooking but some simple tricks can help outcome of a tasty piece or curry, even in the tasting first draw of ladle. See recipes to cook some brilliant non-vegetarian delicacies easily.