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Best restaurants in DLF Mall of India

Written By Sukriti

Published On Nov 12, 2016

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Noida is finally DLF-ised!

Let’s face it, DLF has a way of appealing to us. The brand name has become synonymous with arousing a culture of consumption among the middle and upper class alike. With their new, and also one of the biggest malls in Asia, DLF has surprised us yet again. It has brought all its major brands under one roof. Also, it has brought to Noida, a kind of palate experience that we would mostly go to Delhi for.

Here are the 9 Best Restaurants there that you must, must visit.

1. SodaBottle OpenerWala


Bringing the Bombay Parsi food a little closer to you in their third outlet in Delhi-NCR, SodaBottle is definitely one of the places that should be on top of your list. We would recommend you to try their Eggs Kejriwal, Sali Mutton, Berry Pulao and the Parsi Dairy Kulfi. It’s like a party in the mouth!

Though they don’t have a liquor license as yet, they will soon. And once they do, you gotta try their Nescafe Martini. It’s strong and will hit you almost instantly! Money well spent, right?

2. The Artful Baker


After giving stiff competition to the Big Chill Cakery at Khan Market, this patisserie has made its way to DLF Mall of India. It is one of the best places to have tarts and cupcakes. In fact, its Macarons are as good as L’Opera’s! This definitely means something! Go, go, go!

3. Café Delhi Heights


If quirky interiors combined with delicious pizzas and fresh juices is your thing, rush to Café Delhi Heights. It has been done up so, so well. If you make a reservation, you might even get one of their signature curtained seating with tiny LCDs. We would recommend you to try almost all of their raw juices. Mind you, the jars are huge, so order accordingly. All their pizzas and pastas are worth a try as well. Yes, this place is quite dear to us!

4. Mamagoto


Mama has finally come to Noida! Mamagoto has been on our top 5 restaurants in Khan Market since forever. This place is known for its Pan Asian cuisine. The outlet is a bit small and easily congestible, so we would recommend a reservation. You can pick almost anything off their menu, and we are sure you would enjoy it, though we would put our money on their Nasi Goreng.

5. Chili’s


Like Mexican food? Walk into Chili’s and graduate to falling in love with Mexican food. It offers both- guilt free as well as guilt loaded food. We would recommend their BBQ chicken salad, grilled chicken fajitas and chipotle rice fresh mex bowls. You can’t get enough of Chili’s in a single visit, so we bet you’ll visit again!

6. Oh So Stoned!


Beat the Delhi heat with the best ice creams. Oh So Stoned! has great variety, and ALL of them are equally orgasmic! It could easily be one of the best ice cream outlets in Delhi-NCR after Whipped, Hokey Pokey and Azote. Do try their Banoffee and Red Velvet Ice creams!

7. InstaPizza


This place is Chicago Pizza ver 2.0. There is a lot of variety in the bases and the toppings. The eye catcher on their menu is the names of pizzas on its various outlets. Some of the best ones are Cyber Hub Chorizo, West Delhi Summer pizza, and of course, the Mall of India special!

8. Movenpick


The art of Swiss ice creams has arrived! Launched in Switzerland in 1948, Movenpick was brought to India by Nestle. Serving more than 20 exotic flavours of ice creams in more than 30 countries in the world, Movenpick offers an experience that one really can’t afford to miss. Their menu ranges from ice creams to cold coffees to pancakes to shakes. It’s a tad bit overpriced, but once the first drop of heaven is in your mouth, you’ll forget all about the money. Believe us! Our favourites are the Viennese coffee with whipped cream and chocolate, vanilla pancake indulgence and caramelita ice cream.

9. PizzaExpress


Pizza lovers’ alert! This is by far, the best Pizza chain in Delhi-NCR. Their USP is the fact that they have fresh dough to make pizza bases in real time. If you are a true pizza lover, you will worship this place; and if you are not a pizza lover, you will become one after visiting this place! Their speciality is the rectangular Cajun Pizza. In fact almost all their Romana and Classic pizzas are worth a try. There is a bonus too, in the form of equally brilliant beverages and desserts. You could order the dough-balls with nutella as a pre-appetizer!

Need we say more? Run, while we daydream and salivate.