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10 Items to include in diet


Written By Sukriti

Published On Sept 23, 2016

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Clean eating is not a task as many people think. Diets can be fun if transformed into a lifestyle. Being slim is never the key. Being fit is.

But with the rising stress levels and crazy job timings, we often complain of lack of time for working out. Complain no more. Even a 20 minute walk per day is enough. The real thing is to have a balanced diet. And that is one of the easiest things ever. We have prepared a list of the 10 items that you didn’t know could do wonders to your mental and physical health. And, no, we are not going to recommend chia seeds and super foods like Goji berries that are expensive and hard to find. These are simple, everyday items that are kept at home anyway.

1. Eggs

You probably guessed this one. But eggs are not just important because they are a great source of protein, the yolk is rich with antioxidants that help keep our eyes healthy and have anti-ageing properties. In fact, whole eggs (the egg white and the yolk) are highly recommended in the Atkins diet. So think before throwing the yolk away because your gym instructor told you to!

2. Green tea

This is a no brainer! There’s a reason why people keep saying green tea helps in weight loss. But that alone can’t aid weight loss! Green tea has antioxidants that really cleanse the body from within. The problem that people face with green tea is its bitter taste. There are two solutions for that. One, don’t make it strong (dip it for maximum two minutes), and two, try the Organic India Tulsi green tea. It’s the best. It has a sweet after-taste.

The idea is to replace your everyday Chai with green tea instead.

3. Beans

Beans are a brilliant source of iron and fibre. Next time you make Rajma, just keep some boiled kidney beans for yourself. You could add this to your salads or just put some spices and peppers and make Chaat. And of course, you could enjoy the Rajma too. Can’t ever say no to that!

4. Broccoli

It is a powerhouse of vitamins. It has three vital vitamins- A, C and K. This also why it is considered to be a “superfood”, and a very accessible one. Try substituting cauliflower with broccoli. We are not asking you to eat boiled Broccoli. We are just saying include it in your weekly routine in whichever way you want.

5. Yogurt

It’s the tastiest thing ever! It contains phosphorous, zinc, calcium and what not. Just one bowl of yogurt a day is good to keep you going. It also contains useful bacteria that keep the stomach infections at bay.

6. Garlic

Girls and boys, say goodbye to those painful useless crunches. There’s finally a saviour for the belly fat. Garlic! It is gaining a lot of recognition for its health benefits. It aids weight loss too. Just make garlic paste for an entire week and add it to whatever you’re cooking. Easy.

7. Lemon

No guesses for this one. It is, by far, the best source for Vitamin C. Just a glass of hot lemon water every morning is more than sufficient. If you’re not a morning person, make it at night before sleeping. But do it. Really, really helps. Weight loss- check.

8. Oats

They’re often considered as world’s healthiest food. Why? They help reduce heart diseases, increase immunity, and are a great source of energy. Always have a bowl of oats for breakfast. Make it a habit. It will drive you through the day, believe us. Again, if you’re lazy, make it at night and keep it in the fridge.

9. Dark chocolate

Yes, you heard us right. Dark chocolate is one of the most important items to include in your everyday diet. It is considered to be very nutritious and a good source of antioxidants. Here’s the thing. Every time you hear the word “antioxidants” being associated to a food, consume it!

10. Fruits

THEY ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT. No matter how busy or lazy you are, there’s never an excuse to not have fruits. Again, it’s a lifestyle change. Once you become a fruit lover, you won’t just observe a change in your dietary practices, but also in your personality. Be it bananas or apples or oranges or mangoes or any of the exotic fruits, they all have some or the other health benefits. Try incorporating fruits in your breakfast or lunch.

So, fruit bowl? Yay or Nay?

All these items can be used as ingredients in variety of dishes. See recipes to make your experience of healthy food richer and tastier.