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Delhi Belly

A Tale of Delhi’s Street Food!

Written By Pratyush Arya

Published On May 23, 2016

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Today we bring to you some of the best street food dishes and where to get them in Delhi. Because honestly, a trip to Delhi is more than just incomplete without a little Delhi Belly, and nothing better than Delhi's street food to give you a pleasant feel of what Delhi has been eating and relishing since ages.

Below are the names of some mouthwatering dishes, along with places where you can get them. Make a point to visit them if you want to taste the 'capital' food.



This stuffed beauty has to be Delhi's favorite breakfast without a doubt. Throughout northern regions of the country, parantha makes for a one-pack deal to stuff the belly. North remembers,as Starks would have it, as the staple quick food. A healthy splash of butter, and some extravagant stuffing makes eating parathes a real mouthwatering experience. Dip it in chutney, or curd, or sauce, or whatever floats your boat, and you'll find yourself craving for more.

Must Visits:

  1. Parathe Waali Gali
  2. Moolchand ke Paratha in Lajpat Nagar
  3. Kakke di Hatti in Karol Bagh

The price range for these parathas varies from ₹70-150 for two.



Golgappas available in the Capital have no match throughout the country. With the variety of 'paani' the vendors offer, you are sure to fall in love with these little pieces of heaven. Oh, and if you are of the kind that doesn't like spicy food, there is also 'dahi waale golgappe' which have dahi, and Imli chutney, and which can be further customized as per your taste. Hah!

Must Visits : Local Markets of

  1. Chandani Chowk
  2. Rajouri Gardens
  3. Lajpat Nagar

Golgappas anywhere will cost you around 20-30 per plate.

Dahi Bhalle


Dahi Vade, or more popularly known as Dahi Bhalle, are soaked daal vada in a bowl of curd mixed with various kinds of chutneys and other toppings. The combination of sweet and spicy makes it a unique, and a very tasty dish to have, and especially on a hot summer evening, because the curd will make sure to keep you cool. Oh, and to make it all even better, just sprinkle some aloo bhujiya namkeen on top of your dahi bhalla, and enjoy!

Must Visits:

  1. Natraaj in Chandani Chowk
  2. Atul Chat Bhandar in Rajouri Market
  3. Dahi Bhalla Corner at Karol Bagh
  4. Kaleva Gole Market

A plate of this refreshing delicacy is likely to cost you just around 40-70 bucks.

Aloo Chaat


Aloo chaat has to be one of the most popular and easily available street food in whole of the capital region. The crispy potatoes are topped up with a mixture of various kinds of spices, and to make it all better, made tangier by using a drop or two of lemon. Try it once, and we bet you, you'll find yourself addicted to it, and you'll see yourself coming back for more.

Must Visits:

  1. Raaju Chaat Bhandaar in Bharat Nagar
  2. Lal Baabu Chaat Bhandaar at Chandani Chowk
  3. Chhotelal Chaat Bhandaar at Sitaram Bazaar

A plate of chaat, i.e., a foodgasmic trip, isn't heavy on your wallet either. It just costs around ₹40-60 a plate.



Tired of roaming around in the streets of Delhi on a summer evening?

Head out to your nearest chuski stall, and get rejuvenated in the blink of an eye. There is a unique charm about sucking on a chuski in a hot summer day on the streets of Delhi. Infused with various flavored syrups like Orange, Mango, Kaala Khatta, etc, this ball of ice will make you wish it never melts.

Must Visits:

  1. Shikara Lovely Chuski on Mansingh Road at India Gate
  2. Dilli Haat at Aurobindo Marg
  3. Rang De Basanti Dhaaba in E-18, South Extension

Respite from the scorching heat in the form of an ice ball flavored with a flavor of your choice will cost you around ₹30-50.



To end your non-veg cravings, Delhi hosts a lot of places where you can relish a plate of biryani with a chilled cold drink or beer. Whether chicken, mutton, Awadhi, Hyderabadi, or Moradabadi, Delhi will provide you with all the kinds you can think of. And if you are low on money, but high on hunger, then trust us, nothing better than biryani to satisfy your hunger without burning a hole in your pocket.

Must Visits:

  1. N. Iqbal Biryani at Nizamuddin
  2. Kolkata Biryani House at CR Park
  3. Tipu Sultan Biryani at Batla House Bus Stand
  4. Dil Pasand Biryani near Jama Mazjid.

The price of a plate of biryani varies from ₹120-200, depending on where you're eating. Add another 30 bucks, and wash it down your throat with cold drink, and you'll never regret spending the money!



From Kakouri, to Galouti, to Shami, you'll get all the kinds somewhere in the streets of Delhi. And they won't be just normal, regular, boring kebabs. They'll be among the most delicious kebabs you'll ever eat, and we are not bragging. The flavors and spices used in the kebabs will remind you of the Nawabs, and the ancient spices of India will help you travel time. Also, remember to try the kebabs with pudina chutney.

Must Visits:

  1. Bhaijaan Kebabs near Jama Mazjid
  2. Lalu Kebaabi at Urdu Bazaar, Jama Mazjid
  3. Qureshi Kebab Corner at Urdu Bazaar, Jama Mazjid
  4. Al Kakori at Vasant Place Market
  5. Ghalib Kebab Corner near JLN Stadium.

A plate of this hot non vegetarian delight is going to make you shell out just ₹150-200.

Jalebi and Samosa


Just the mention of jalebi and samosa is enough to make anyone's mouth water. These two complement each other like the best couple you've ever seen. Samosa with spicy chutney will leave you wanting for something sweet, and that is when jalebi kicks in. These two just go together. Always.

Must Visits:

  1. Senor Dhan Singh in Mandir Wali Gali, Old Delhi
  2. Jain Sweets at Fatehpuri, Chandani Chowk
  3. Tilak Munja in Pitampura
  4. Annapurna Sweets in CR Park

A plate of this 'meant to be together' combination is likely to cost you around ₹60-70.



A hot favorite among food lovers of all ages alike, momos deserve a mention in this list without a doubt! Be it steamed, or fried. Veg, or non-veg. You just cannot miss these little delicacies. And what is more, there are tandoori momos, and vodka momos available, too.

The popularity of this dish is clear from the fact that almost every locality in Delhi has a local 'go to' momo stall. Stalls serving hot, chilly momos with mayonnaise, and garlic sauce can be found very easily on the streets of Delhi.

Must Visits:

  1. QD's at Hudson Lane, Satya Niketan
  2. Chalte Firte in Kamla Nagar
  3. Nagaland Food Stall in Delhi Haat
  4. Hunger Strike in Amar Colony

A plate of momos with chilly chutney will leave you shouting for water, but it is worth it. All you need to do is shell out 70-150 bucks, and you'll know what we mean!

Chhole Kulche


Chhola/Matar Kulcha is the staple street food in Delhi. So much, which you can find a vendor selling chhole kulche at every nook and corner on the streets of Delhi. And why not? As opposed to the general notion that street food is unhealthy, a plate of chhole kulche is actually healthy too. Kulche, served with a bowl of spicy chhole, topped up with onions and lemon, there is no way you are not going to like this delicacy.

Must Visits:

  1. Yadav's Chhole Kulche at Saket
  2. Lotan at Chawari Bazaar
  3. Nathu's Sweets in Connaught Place
  4. Baljeet Amritsari Kulcha in DDA Market, Paschim Vihar

A plate of chhole kulche will cost you just around ₹50-70 a plate. Why we added the 'just', you'll figure out once you relish this dish.

The above list is just a drop in the ocean that is the street food of Delhi.
Explore, eat. Eat, explore!
And there isn’t no fun in Delhi without a Delhi Belly. So make sure you start planning which dishes to eat and from where a week before your next trip to Delhi.