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Best Whiskeys for your money


Written By Sukriti

Published On Dec 4, 2016

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No matter how many Sangrias or LIITs we have, whiskey is whiskey. Be it a long tiring work day or a lazy Sunday, a few pegs of whiskey work just fine.

Considering we have pitched the desire to have so much whiskey, the million dollar question is, which whiskeys to have? Money matters, right?

So let us make your life a tad bit easy by providing you a list of our pick of 7 best whiskeys that made our lives better!

1. Rockford

We discovered this at a rather blurry day. We were quite hammered and out of alcohol. The liquor store was out of our usual favorites. But the Theka person said “Isko try karo, baaki sab bhool jaoge”. And a few hours later, we knew what he meant.

Price:₹ 750 (Full)

2. Royal Stag

Ask any engineering graduate what they survived on. THIS! It’s like beer. One needs to acquire a taste for it. Not everyone can like it. And we can’t blame them. Who likes a burning throat?! But again, RS loyalists are above all this!

Price:₹ 400 (full)

3. Blenders Pride

It’s the BP to the RS! They go hand in hand. Just that this one gives a not-so-bad hangover.

Price:₹ 750 (full)

4. VAT 69

As the price of the whiskey decreases, so does the burning sensation in the throat! But with this one, that shouldn’t be a problem. The cheaper one is the VAT 69 Blended whiskey. You could also get a Black blended whiskey if it was a good day at work! Though there isn’t too much difference in their taste, the Black blended one is just a bit finer.

Price:₹1100 (Full- Blended)
₹1750 (Full- Black blended)

5. Signature

This is our back up whiskey. When the liquor store runs out of everything, this is what we fall back upon. This should only be a back-up/ post break up/ rebound whiskey. Sorry, Signature, no hard feelings!

Price:₹750 (full)

6. Antiquity

We, at Foodstalking, love Antiquity! Both Rare and Blue. It’s the kind of whiskey you can have nicely at night and go to work the next day. No real hangover. Or maybe our body has become resistant to it!

Price₹900 (Full- Blue)

7. Ballantine’s

This is for Tinder dates that end in good nights! ;)

Price₹1800 (full)

Happy Drinking Y'all!
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